Re: VMSMail question

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 07:27:30 -0700, VAXman- <@SendSpamHere.ORG> wrote:

In article <op.thc5jfdbzgicya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Tom Linden" <tom@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I am away and logging 0.n remotely to a node using ssh I get

MAIL> dir
%MAIL-E-NOTEXIST, folder MAIL does not exist

MAIL> sho all
Your mail file directory is DISK$COMMON:[USER.TOM.MAIL].
Your current mail file is DISK$COMMON:[USER.TOM.MAIL]MAIL.MAI.
No folder is currently selected.
The wastebasket folder name is WASTEBASKET.
contains 0 deleted message bytes.

You have 0 new messages.

You have not set a forwarding address.
You have not set a personal name.
Your editor is TPU.
CC prompting is disabled.
Automatic copies to yourself are disabled.
Automatic deleted message purge is enabled.
Your default print queue is SYS$PRINT.
You have not specified a default print form.
You have not specified a default signature file.

MAIL> dir/fold
Press CTRL/C to cancel listing

so what happened to my folders? How do I recreate MAIL folder. There
appear to lots of messages in that directory.

Tom, I log in to my systems all the time with ssh and have no problems
accessing my VMS mail.

Perhaps, you should see what DISK$COMMON equivalences to when you have
sshed in.

No it is fine. I am in my home directory. Seems to me there was a command
to repair mail, but being away I am scratching my head.

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