Re: VMSMail question

Tom Linden wrote:
Ah, yes, tcpip, but I am running MX as my smtp server, would that matter?

The MAIL command doesn't know/touch TCPIP. If MAIL says it can't fidn
the MAIL folder, it is something very "local" to the mail application
and your mail.mai file.

MAIL> dir
%MAIL-E-NOTEXIST, folder MAIL does not exist

This is normal where there are no messages in the folder.

However, if you try MC DECW$MAIL (on a workstation), it gets you the
decwindows version of MAIL which may show your empty folders.

if you do a DIR/FULL DISK$COMMON:[USER.TOM.MAIL] does it shows a
gazillion mail files ?

if you look only for MAIL.* perhaps there is a MAIL.OLD that does
contain the pointers to all your messges ?
(indicative that a MAIL COMPRESS may have failed, something which used
to happen on older version of VMS because the user did not have the
right to delete the file so the MAIL COMPRESS command would fail midway
in the convert command.