Item codes in F$GETDVI

Since I recently got a Fiber (Fibre) Channel card in my Alpha,
I was playing with the FC-related item codes in F$GETDVI, as
documented in the VMS v8.3 DCL Dictionary.

One of them, FC_HBA_FIRMWARE_REV, does not appear to be
recognized. Am I missing something obvious, or is this
a documentation error?

$ Write sys$output f$getdvi("fga0:", "device_type_name")
KGPSA Fibre Channel

$ Write sys$output f$getdvi("fga0:", "fc_hba_firmware_rev")
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling

(I typed the above rather than use cut-and-paste, so please
excuse typos.)