Re: Problem connecting to SSH, OpenVMS7.3-2, HP TCP/IP v5.4 patched

Hi All

It is very frustrating - TCP/IP works fine out of the box, this is a real trial....

Have already stopped/disabled SSH, re-enabled/restarted and recreated the keys, then shutdown and restarted SSH service, still at the same point....

All this to remove VPN overhead when ftping files to the alpha!!!

Jack Patteeuw wrote:
First, most pf the stuff about TCP/IP is probably a red herring. Your problem is SHH, not TCP/IP.

I don't have manuals in front of me and once this stop is working, well it's working and you never touch it again.

It sounds like you need to re-create the system specific key. The part the the "fine manual" that you are quoting from has to do with the end user accepting that key.

Perhaps you need to stop and start SSH so that it pick ups the server's public key.


P.S. SSH works great on Alpha VMS and even does X through a VPN to PuTTY/Exceed on a PC !

Gremlin wrote:


OK, so I have the manual, reading through the install I can confirm that I have installed the product correctly.

The keys are created in the system area, I copied the server's public key to a [.hostkeys] subdir in my sys$login, protection is s:rewd, o:rwed, g:re, w:r

Then, according to the manual, "On a connection request, the SSH client checks this directory for the appropriate server’s host key and
proceeds with authentication if the key is found.
If the file is not found in either the systemwide or account-specific [.HOSTKEYS] directory, the first time you attempt to connect from your client to a remote SSH server, you are prompted to accept a copy of the server’s public host key."

Um, well no - from the prompt I do ssh nodename and I get the connection refused message. No password prompt, no nothing.

Same behaviour if I *don't* have the [.hostkeys] subdir.

So, something is broken here - following the manual I can't get past the install...:(