Alpha to Integrity porting workshops - who's been?

I am curious if anyone here has been to one of the Alpha to Integrity
porting workshops (the ones where you bring home an Integrity server
to develop on). We are not a software company, but we have developed
an elaborate and good (IMHO) software system for our business. It is
a commercial quality product, it is just a home grown (RDB based)
system. We are scheduling one of our developers to go to the next
scheduled workshop. Someone at HP that is involved in this seems to
think that we are not eligible because we are not currently marketing
our software (from time to time we toy with the idea of productizing
it and selling it). At the last HPTF I thought that I spoke with
shops like ours that have attended one of these porting workshops.

If you have attended one, what kind of work do you do (consultant,
employee of software developer, developer for end user company,...)?
Does anyone know more about the rules and intent of these workshops
than I do? I had the contact for the HP guy who runs this, but of
course now that I need it I have lost it. I am thinking that maybe I
need to talk to Leo (can not think of last name, but I think I have
the Leo right) that presents on VMS at the HPTF each year. He clearly
indicated to me that this would be a good thing for my company. (At
times like these I really regret that I am bad with names.)

This work shop is an important part of our Alpha to Integrity upgrade
strategy. It would be a big disappointment to not be allowed to go.
Any help is appreciated.

Thomas Wirt