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Some time ago, I exercised my rights as a non-profit hobbyist (eg: does
not profit HP :-) and demanded that Flight be updated to support 24 bit
graphic displays.

There was mention by a well respected engineer that it could be done
rather easily... But no announcements have been made since then about
this being fixed... I suspect the person has had many lunch hours since
that time, so there is really no excuse. (isn't most of the neat stuff
added to VMS during engineers' lunch hours ?)

Since then, I have had a few more thoughts on the subject.

When Mr Fred decides to spend a few minutes to change a few variables and
recompile Flight, could he also spend a few minutes to add one little tiny
feature which would be really neat ?

Perhaps during his lunch hour, Mr K could incorporate a live interface to
Google Earth that would display real images of the ground below the
aircraft based on its location, and provide the right image
transformation/perspective corresponding to aircraft altitude and angle of
view. (including curvature of earth when high enough). Real-time shading
for day/night is not hard requirement at this time.

Shirley, this would be trivial for an engineer of the calibre we have come
to expect for VMS and wouldn't take long to implement ?

In fact, I think that this SHOULD be budgeted for by VMS management since
such a program would really showcase VMS as a modern operating system
fully capable of making full use of the latest and greatest technologies.
Flight would become something gamers would WANT to have and pout VMS out
there on the map.

Note: I am not (yet) demanding that he integrate the rumoured Google Moon
and Google Mars products.

Happy Friday !

Rumoured? (don't zoom in too close)

So, dows anyone have the coodinates for the Plain of Cidonia?

hey, wait a minute..... It's three tile high and these same three
tiles just repeat horizontally over and ove and over..... Does this
mean the Mars landings really were just done in a Hollywood studio?


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