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This is not related to OpenVMS, but to HP. I have a potential
problem with a partner of HP and I'd like to know who I complain

The partner is Redcorp SA/NV, a Belgium-based company. The part
I was looking to get is a power cable for an HP laptop, a part
that is designed so that HP can suck money out of you (said
cable cost me over 30 Euros so far and I don't have it).

My first attempt to purchase this cable from Redcorp was using
my status as a self employed person - they won't sell to the
general public. In order to use payment by credit card I was
required to fax or email a copy of my identity card and credit
card to them. This I found not too acceptable, and my attempt to
buy was thwarted because they wanted a copy of the *back* of the
credit card as well. This is unacceptable, they should get a
proper merchant's account and process credit cards online.

Second I attempted to order the cable via the company of my
partner and I. I placed the order and was requested to make a
wire payment with a specific reference. I did so, and expected
the goods. Now, having chased this up, their delivery company
claims to have delivered this stupid cable on the 16th of last
month. I even have a copy of the delivery receipt.

Problem is, the signature isn't mine, and the name box looks
like it was filled in by a four year old - i.e. it is illegible.

If I don't get a satisfactory resolution to this who in HP do I
complain to about how their partners treat customers?


I have seen this and will forward to some folks I know in Europe
please send me your contact information.
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Dear Doc,

I have heard back from my contacts in Europe and they REALLY want
to resolve this but they need your contact information, can you
please send it to me at my HP email.

Sorry to post two followups, but I think I should highlight that
there's two problems here.

One is the part that has gone missing, and Redcorp are dealing with

The second - and one I find objectionable - is the requirement for a
copy of both sides of a credit card.

Sue, I appreciate you taking this seriously even though I'm using a
pseudonym and it's only a low-value part.

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Dear Doc,

I want to let the newsgroup know that we (HP) are taking this
seriously and let the entire newsgroup know that the folks in Europe
did get back to "Doc" . Doc sent me his contact information via

It is important to know that while I do try and look at the newsgroup
and check for issues to make sure my friends are ok. No one from HP
that responds to this newsgroup (not sure about others) is usually
doing so during office hours, nor do they get measured on responding
to newsgroups. What I am trying to say is that this may not always be
the most effective way of taking care of a problem. Sometimes it
works, I wish there were a better answer.

Sue, thanks for forwarding this on, I've been contacted by Daniel who was
one of the people you emailed.

I've explained that I'm giving Redcorp time to deal with their shipping
company and find out where my delivery really went, but that I'd like to
complain about asking for a copy of my ID and credit card.

The main thing - and I think you probably understand this - is it's
frustrating that it is for such a small part, a power cable. I lost one
doing a setup for a client, and it was a package of an HP laptop and
docking station (with other bits and pieces) that was around 3,500 Euro.

The client is delighted with the system he's got (one of the top-end HP
laptops that's widescreen and has a numeric keypad), but he's having to
use the UK plug and an adaptor for the docking station.

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I am glad that your customer is happy with the system and that you
managed a work around. And I do understand the frustration a power
cable even though its small is a major part to a system.

Thank you for taking the time to work with the customer and us and not
just complain, action always takes more effort.

I don't know as anyone will "just complain".

Most gripes follow failed attempts to get satisfaction/correction through
prescribed channels.

David J Dachtera
dba DJE Systems

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