Re: A jihad on the Hobbyist programme ?

JF Mezei wrote:

Since HP isn't willing to lift a finger to promote VMS, what if the user
community were to launch a jihad to promote VMS via the hobbyist programme ?

We start telling popular news sites about it, make the CDs available for

Fair chance to run afoul of HP, legally.

and promote the hell out of it, and use comp.os.vms as a
hobbyist support medium.

I'd actually recommend a forum other than c.o.v. As we all know, the remaining
denizens, while competent technologists, are also wont to expound profusely on
any and all topics. Now, I'm as guilty as any; however, I'd recommend something
with a better S/N ratio.

Now, if HP then turns around and tells us we can't do that, we also go
to the media and tell the world HP is unhappy with VMS being marketed.

Given that HP is a major advertiser of a large cross section of the mainstream
media, which publications/outltes would be likely to run the risk of incurring
HP's wrath?

HP would have serious egg on its face.

That's where HP seems to want to be in the o.s./enterprise space.

I'm reminded of a scene with Michael Keaton and Gedde Watanabe(sp?) in the
movie, "Gung Ho". Having both just emerged from the river, Keaton's character
asks something to the effect of, "Don't you hate the feel of wet underwear?" and
the other one says, "I actually kind of like it."

(especially when you look at how
Sun is making Solaris easy to get.)

....not to mention that Solaris runs on x86 (news:alt.solaris.x86), the most
ubiquitous processor on the planet.

There are vendors out there (like the guy with british accent whose
secretary has a southern georgian accent :-) who have cheap Alphas.

When you think about it, user-initiated marketing might be what is
needed because not only would it provide much needed marketing for VMS,
but it would also corner HP and force it to accept a popular VMS
operating system.

Well, considering HP is currently the source of VMS, certain assumptions there
seem a bit brash.

David J Dachtera
dba DJE Systems

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