Re: Is VMS losing the Financial Sector, also?

"Main, Kerry" wrote:
That's crap .. Customers do not care what platform is being used to
deliver the service they are contracting for as long as it is always
available, always sub-second response times and it gets magically fixed
5 minutes before it breaks.

Um, Kerry?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that has not been true since the
Alphacide. See the concurrent thread titled, "Anyone know why the Alpha market
is so so quiet?".

Saying "Customers do not want this platform or that platform" any more
is really IT's way of promoting their own agenda and OS religion as a
means to justify whatever their favourite program of the day is.

Actually, I wish that were true. If so, there'd be a lot more customers outside
HP's corporate offices with pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers in hand
demanding EV9 and later.

And that usually boils down to OS religion and hype of key techies in
the IT organization who have Managers who are afraid to disagree as it
might position them as being to much from the old school.

Try again. Our managers would love nothing better than a return to the machines
that run z/OS. AIX on p-series is their second choice since Power-5 has such a
tremendous performance advantage over EV7z (and, of course, EV7z systems perform
better overall than I64 SuperDomes). Power-6 is, of course, "out the door" at
IBM and ready for deployment, BTW. AIX-6 is now in field test, from what I hear.

....not to mention that my VMS job agent in sent me no less than two IBM
jobs for migration specialists (VMS->AIX) Saturday (restricted to the Chicago
job market).

Btw - If you have Customers (internal or external) dictating to you what
the solution is vs. what their requirements are, then you are in a whole
lot more trouble than just determining what is the next big platform of
the day.

True - but not because of the customers' demands. The customer is, after all,
always right (the ones with the gold make the rules!).

Only Micro$lop is big enough to dictate that the vendor is always right!

Your bosses are blowing sunshine up your skirt again. Be careful about anyone
offering you a cup of Kool-Aid...

David J Dachtera
dba DJE Systems

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