Re: July the 4th

Dirk Munk wrote:

Paul Raulerson wrote:
Bill - you are to be pitied son.

I seriously suggest you get some help, preferably from someone who does not share your hate filled ridiculous ultra-liberal ideas. I'll be glad to send you the names and phone numbers of mental health professionals in your area.

And you might want to read some real history - you live in what was once the American Frontier. You could learn a lot from the attitudes of the people that lived there.

Thank you for these lines. They show exactly the problem with many
Americans, and that is that mentally they are still living in the 19th
century. They still want to fight Indians, and still need a stockpile of
weapons to defend their homes against Jesse James & Co. The Indians have
been replaced by Moslems, and Jesse James by Osama Bin Laden, but the
mindset is the same.

Well, needless to say, I take great exception to that. I do not deny that the
attitudes still exist - some southerners, even today, wish the Confederacy had
survived, as far as that goes. I don't see any of that changing in the balance
of my lifetime. Applying it so generally implies to me the same kind of bigotry
and prejudice that it is meant to deride.

Still, I'd have drawn different parallels:

"The indians" have been replaced by street gangs, drugs and other unsavory
elements of society - many of which are not unique to the U.S.

"Jesse James & Co." have indeed been replaced by radical extremists of any bent,
not just misguided Moslems (intentional use of "the other" spelling). Again,
this is not unique to the U.S.

David J Dachtera
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