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Did you see the piece about this on "60 Minutes"?


I heard a broadcast
of it on the radio and the point was that with this project,
attendance at schools in the Third World is way, way up because of
this laptop project. I well understand that much learning must be done
without computers, but at least this is getting the kids to go to
school. So I think the point is not that the kids have a laptop -- the
point is that the laptop gets the kids to go to school.

That might be true, but I doubt that that is the motivation for those
behind the project. Considering the cost, I'm sure that one could spend
the equivalent on almost anything else and get the children to school
with that as bait.

Like what? Soda? Candy? Just what they need.

Can you give us at least *some* idea of the horrors that will result
from this?


Well, here's the actual story. Unfortunately, it is lacking in details
on just exactly what do the kids do or get to do on the laptops:

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