Re: Scrolling wheel support on VMS

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On Mon, 12 May 2008 06:11:09 -0700, George Cook <cook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

As far as images sent as attachments, Xv or Mosaic can display just
about any image. PMDF Mail will spawn the right viewer if requested.

What do you use to create pdf documents? From a spread sheets, from
or types of documents often presented in pdf?

I have never even once had the need, much less the desire, to create a
pdf document. I am not a documentation writer. I never use spreadsheets
nor Autocad or anything else which might produce pdf output.

The couple times in my life where someone has sent me a spreadsheet,
it was simple enough to ask my co-worker to view or print it. I have
never had the need to modify one nor ever expect to.

I use only what I need, not what others or giant corporations tell me
I need to use. My VMS workstations do what I need at least 99.98% of
the time. I used to use the old Mac in my office to produce Postscript
from pdf, but stopped once Xpdf became good enough.

Others have other needs and should use what meets those needs.
Unfortunately, most PC users I know spend what appear to be endless
hours fiddling with their PC software instead of producing actual work.
I know how addictive that can be because I spent several months of
spare time just configuring the OS on my old "Classic" Macs. If I
recall correctly, I added nearly a hundred third party extensions
and layered software packages, multiple browsers and media players,
etc. Many hours were spent making everything play nice together.
It was a lot of fun, but otherwise mostly a complete waste of time.
I still fire the one up at work every few months just so it can update
its virus software.

Then there is the issue of the constant need for PC hardware upgrades
to run all the bloatware PC users "need" to use.

George Cook