Re: NTP on OpenVMS using TCPIP services

baldrick wrote:

SO the question is, is this an error in the documentation (or not very clear) or something introduced by using Windows that "peer" worked for the UNIX NTP server, but Windows (the replacement NTP server) requires "server" instead?

In the TCPIP$NTP.CONF file is says using "peer" is Client/Server mode where "the local host wants to obtain time from the remote server and is willing to supply time to the remote server."

Using "server" is Client mode is says "the local host wants to obtain time from the remote server but it is not willing to provide time to the remote server."

I have always used server as I don't see how my systems could supply a more accurate time to some other server than the time read. I would suspect that using "peer" would require more authentication than "server" to prevent a system trying to bias the time on someone else's server.

Jeff Coffield

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