Re: Show of support for Distributed NetBeans


I'm not trying to stir up a NetBeans vs Eclipse discussion here, but I have
just read this: -
and was wondering if anyone had tried it or had any opinions about how the
two IDEs compare and contrast on VMS. I guess one's free and the other
costs, and one runs on VMS and the other is "distributed"? Personally, I'm
happy with TPU and would prefer more substantial infrastructure software on
VMS (such as that XHR$ library) but I am interested in what other's have
tried or are looking for in an IDE on VMS.

NetBeans would seem to be a better fit for GlassFish (when the IMM team come
out of the closet with it) but, apparently, "Customers can increase
productivity with HP OpenVMS and eCube's NXTware Eclipse," says Ann McQuaid.
Can't say fairer than that eh?

Of course, given the current levels of VMS application "development" going
on outside of Ann-world one wonders why we need a new DE at all, let alone
an Integrated one :-(

Regards Richard Maher

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IanMiller wrote:
On Jun 17, 12:08 pm, issinoho <issin...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just thought I'd show a bit of support for the Distributed NetBeans
product. Not sure how many of you are using it or have tried it but it
really is a terrific addition to the development options on OpenVMS.

I recently finished porting a rather large commercial control system
from VAX C to I64 and did it the old-fashioned character-cell way
which although perfectly acceptable felt a bit archaic in this day and

I installed and ran NetBeans and it handled the entire project
flawlessly; in fact, I was editing and compiling the code base from
within a modern Windows IDE back onto the VMS server. From a standing
start this took all of about 3 hours and involved C, MMS and FMS.

So, a slap on the back to the team involved and thanks for this.

I think it's an interesting thing but it was in beta for so long that
NetBeans has moved on to V6. I hope they get the next version out the
door quicker.

I'd also like to see more documentation on how to debug the IDE Server
and associated stuff on the VMS side. They have some examples in the
online docs on how to set stuff up, but only if nothing "bad" happens.
I've been trying to get it to work on my development system without much

Using an FTP file system project I cannot seem to get the remote machine
to sync. The IDE server is running and it seems to be responding to the
diagnostics and compile requests. I can manually ftp from the client
to the server without problem, but the ide client doesn't seem to be
able to do it. If the files aren't sync'd then the compile just says