Re: How can I tell a file marked nobackup was backed up without ignore=nobackup ?

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As in the subject...

I have a source file x.x and a copy of that file somewhere else.

x.x is set to NOBACKUP

I *know* the copy of the file was *not* copied using
because I did it purposefully
%BACKUP-I-NOBACKUP, X.X data not copied, file marked NOBACKUP

But a DIR/FULL does not show any difference between the 2 files.

The data in the file is cryptic and there is no way for me to know (by
looking at the contents of the file) if the copy of the file contains
data or not. I would have expected that such a file would just contain a
header and just nulls inside, but this is not the case.

How do I tell the copy of the file has nothing good inside ?
Don't ask me to compare the 2 files. Let`s say I don`t have the oriiginal
file anymore. What information in the file header or elsewhere says the
does not contain any data (as the BACKUP message says) ?

This one is easy: the copied file has garbage in it.  BACKUP told
you so.  All DIRECTORY tells you is, essentially, about the file
organization and size, nothing about its contents (data).

The reason for setting a file NOBACKUP is to avoid spending time
coping the contents of a file that are known will not be usable,
a pagefile or swapfile, or indeed, certain kinds of database file
(which is why databases include their own backup utilities).

You *must* use Backup/Ignore=NoBackup if you want to copy
the data in a file rather than just allocating space for it.


Hi Ken

I know all of that.
If by mistake I forgot the /IGNORE=NOBACKUP, I can I tell I did so ?

That's what I want to know.
As you sais there is garbage in my file. But the original file also contains
data that looks like garbege to human eyes so I cannot tell just by looking
at the file's contents.

Is there a flag somewhere in the copied file that says "this file's content
is garbage".

No, I don't believe there is any (external) way to tell.
Certainly, there's no flag.