Re: OT: Intel 2009 roadmap

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Neil Rieck <n.rieck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

This idea pops up from time-to-time but I wonder if it isn't time to
raise it again. If HP has no interest in OpenVMS, then maybe they
should sell the whole division to Intel

What could possibly make Intel interested in buying VMS?

(who might pay to have it
ported to x86-64).

If they were having problems selling x86-64, that might be needed, but
they aren't. Other people are doing all the OSes they need to sell
chips at no cost to them at all.

If Intel doesn't want to pay real dollars then
maybe they could swap a year's worth of x86-64 silicon for the whole
OpenVMS division.

I doubt VMS would be worth a bucket of spit to Intel.

This way, Intel gets to become an enterprise server

They are a chip manufacturer, why would they want to be an "enterprise
server company"?

and HP gets to become a PC company.

HP already is a PC company.

Finally both companies get
what they want.

Seems to me that they both already have that without even factoring
VMS into the equation. Which does not bode well for VMS, does it?


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