Re: OT: Elephants Can't Dance

Neil Rieck wrote:
As others have pointed out elsewhere, maybe OpenVMS should be put into
the public domain under the GPL (general public license).

Public domain and GPL are not compatible.

It could be open source under GPL.

I don't think the idea would make much sense.

The existing VMS customers will still consider moving
to a more future proof platform.

It would not get many new customers - there are plenty
of open source operating systems out there, so being
open source is not unique in any way.

On the flip
side, OpenVMS should be sold to a company which currently has no OS so
there is no sibling rivalry.

1) Intel (they still use VMS in their fabs)
2) Oracle (VMS still goes hand-in-hand with RDB)
3) IBM (their field services people maintain VMS
4) SUN (they don't seem to be willing to pull-the-plug on any project)

Would have made sense 10 years ago.

I doubt that any of these companies would be interested.


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