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Oh, please. If you had serious health problems you couldn't afford,
should we just let you die?
Some people have chosen that path over the medical practitioner's
potions and bloodletting prolonging their agony. There is still,
IMHO, one thing that *is* mine. Your buddies that have plagued
the capitol rotunda are trying now to usurp that too.
The "right to die dignified" is somehow also in our system. You can even ask for euthanasia, and provided at least two independant doctors (not being your own GP) supervise the decision and the process, stating you are of sound mind, you will be assisted and no one will be prosecuted. Life insurance is not at risk provided all legal obligations have been met. Guess where we get the flak from? US of A mostly...
Jack Kevorkian should have practiced his art in .NL, instead of inside
d|i|g|i|t|a|l, Compaq and HP. :) ...just to get this back on a topical

I was hoping that we can talk about computers.

I do have a question: on a VLC after the case is open, there are two diamond shaped foil pads. I understand that shorting these two will erase the passwords for the computer. Is this correct?
I'm presuming that the unit is unplugged.
What passwords are you wanting to erase?

The system password... It has been a few years since I used the unit and have forgotten it.

PLEASE FIND THE OPENVMS FAQ (I think Hoff maintains one on his site and
there are older versions at the DECUS Library Compendium). Breaking into
an OpenVMS system is a software only exercise. I would advise you *NOT*
to short things on your VLC lest you have a VLC no more.

Will do.
Wilm has posted a procedure, which I'll try.