Re: : Re: mem-f-nomem error

In article <4b1e0ed4-db7a-4ba8-88c1-acc95589d334@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Neil Rieck <n.rieck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

IIRC, the PFRATL is set to zero whenever AUTOGEN sees at least 500 MB
of memory. So if you are running OpenVMS on an older Alpha or VAX, you
"might" need to turn this back on. (probably not if you are the only
user on a hobbyist system but I can tell you that MY EMPLOYER still
has some production software running on an AS-2100 with only 128 MB;
we are planning to upgrade one of them to an AS-4100; billion dollar
company still pinching pennies)

128MB? I know a site with an 11/785 that I think has about 12MB.
IIRC, they have FPRATL set to 0.