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I am currently using BASIC 1.6 (for Alpha) and this switch is not
available. I can see in HP's most recent road map that they have
already released BASIC 1.7 and are working on BASIC 1.8. Can anyone
tell me if the "/name" switch is available in 1.8 or might be
available in 1.8 ?

I don't remember seeing /NAME for BASIC on any of roadmaps (but then again,
I don't look much anymore).  Such features this are usually added based on
customer requests instead of just adding it to every compiler 'just for
fun'.    Also some languages like BLISS and Pascal have language syntax for
alternative spellings for externals (and allow mixed cased strings) so no
DCL qualifier is/was needed.

I suggest you send in your request.


That's too bad because something like this would allow BASIC programs
to more easily link to other object files.

But to be honest, I remember the huge amount of re-engineering that
went into making Visual BASIC 6 become Visual BASIC .NET so that VB
could generate code similar to other MS languages. The changes caused
a small revolt amongst the VB user community. I guess I was hoping
that HP would revamp VMS BASIC in a different way (like making
variables case sensitive with the "/names" compiler switch seen

I still have my fingers crossed but am not holding my breath :-)

Neil Rieck
Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge,
Ontario, Canada.