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2) SSH is based upon port 22. If the source computer can't connect to
the destination computer on port 22 (lets say it was due to a
misconfigured firewall or proxy-server) then other technologies like
SFTP and SCP have no chance of working.

So SSH, SFTP and SCP all go to port 22 by default?

3) There is no way to programatically pass a password to SSH (or SCP
or SFTP) and this short-coming is "by design" because the developers
wanted to stop people from placing passwords in scripts.

Seems like a good idea.

4) So the developers of this technology replaced "password
authentication" with "2-key authentication". Once the keys are in
place, changing the destination account's password will not block
future connection events. You've got to delete the key file (or modify
one of the SSH2 configuration files)

Good to keep in mind.


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