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2) SSH is based upon port 22. If the source computer can't connect to
the destination computer on port 22 (lets say it was due to a
misconfigured firewall or proxy-server) then other technologies like
SFTP and SCP have no chance of working.

So SSH, SFTP and SCP all go to port 22 by default?

Yes. They're all manifestations of ssh.

You can easily change the port with:

$ ssh -p ####
$ sftp -oPort=####>
$ scp -P ####

Don't you just love that unix command line uniformity? ;)

No, but if you must play with Unix, you must either live with the shell as is or modify it to suit your preferences. I suspect learning the strange language and syntax is easier than rolling your own. Some people even like it that way.

There are millions of Unix users out there who seem to find the syntax and semantic usable and useful. They couldn't care less what we think! ISTR that someone wrote a "DCL shell" but I don't think it ever became popular.


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