On 2/23/2011 8:48 AM, Bob Koehler wrote:
In article<4d643b46$0$12713$6d5eeec5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Jose Baars<peutbaars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I guess people learn to live with any syntax as long as the desired
functionality is available.

The real problem is that people who learn a cryptic and inconsistent
syntax then think of that example for thir own designs.

So we get new stuff that with late 1960's interfaces, despite all the
research and work done since then on man-machine interaction.

And then I run into some programmer who's proud of knowing all
the trivia needed to use some late 1960's tool, like it makes him
special or something.

If the 1960's tool is still in use. . . somebody must have done something right!