Re: Sending out commands to TTA0 ?

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What's the current state of C-Kermit for VMS ?

This is a obvious candidate for a Kermit script.

I have not used Kermit in years and currently only have it for VAX. Will
it for Alpha and IA64 and give that a try.
BTW, development for Kermit will end July 2011, for all platforms. (c.f.

That is most annoying; I didn't know about this.

Amongst other things, I've found Kermit makes a excellent tool for things
like scripting boot and image load sequences on some SBCs.

At least the current source should continue to work ok for a number of

Still, it's probably time to see what other open source comms programs
a decent scripting language built in these days. The last time I looked
several years ago there was just Kermit.

Thanks for the hint.

You are welcome.

Only thing is, so far I could not find a binary for Alpha or IA64.
The link for the binaries table on the kermit web page goes to a blank page...

Still looking. for it.
I may have to build it myself but didn't want to spend too much time over



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I finally got it from and
building it was a breeze, and it includes Multinet support (which I need).

Now I just have to find out how to use it for my purpose.

C-Kermit 9.0.299 Alpha.09, 21 Sep 2010, for OpenVMS Alpha
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