Re: HP Support Center June Release (ITRC Retirement)

On 4/28/2011 5:24 AM, IanMiller wrote:
On Apr 27, 2:02 pm, Steven Schweda<sms.antin...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Apr 27, 4:06 am, IanMiller<g...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

You can look at the forums now at

Is my brain defective, or are these Communities divided by

Community Home> Business Support Forums> Servers> Alpha Servers
Community Home> Business Support Forums> Servers> Itanium Based

instead of by operating system? Perhaps the educational value
of slogging through the Windows-related postings will outweigh
the lost time, but I doubt it.

Is there any evidence that anyone at HP asked the victims
_before_ launching this apparent disaster?

I asked about the layout of the new forums

"Ian - we're still finalizing the "new" layout of the categories and
boards for the community moving forward. The current plan calls for a
top-level "Operating System" category where we'll have, among other
things, an Open VMS category with all of the existing ITRC Open VMS
boards located below it.

So a slightly different way to drill down to the category, but once
you're there the same boards that exist today (system management,
general, networking, etc.) will be right there."

There are also plans for other changes to the site this year.

I discovered years ago that the only way to find anything on H-P's web sites was to Google for it and add the string "" to the query! Without Google, you could die of old age while searching for anything on H-P's web sites.