Re: HP stopping VMS paper documentation ?

JF Mezei wrote 2011-11-23 18:58:
Simon Clubley wrote:

This is on part number QA-001AA-GZ "OVMS Full Documentation".

Is there a separate line item for the documentation CDs ?

The question becomes whethyer paper documentation remains available for
purchase (say you have a new customer) or whether it will be digital only.

BTW: Personally, while I use online resources for reference material,
I still prefer to use paper for tutorial/conceptual type reading when a
paper option is available. Am I alone in this ?

Paper is often better unless you have 5 displays on your desktop :-(
paper is also necessary when you do work at the SRM level or very low
level (such as SYSBOOT) where your system has not booted sufficiently
for you to access on-line documentation.


Everyone professionall enough reads the PDFs on a laptop or
similar, not on the target system you are supporting, of course.