Re: Wanted: Fresh blood in HP BCS

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Michael Kraemer wrote:
"Perform all product lifecycle marketing responsibilities, spanning
launch/intro through discontinuance of the Superdome 2 product line"

Oh my... Superdome 2 is the current IA64 based Superdome (the blades
thing), not the 8086 based ones that Whitman talked about developping.


There is an image that says: "Putting the client first - bringing HP
technology innovations from Integrity/HP-UX to x86"

What is Project Odyssey?

HP today announced a project dubbed "Odyssey" to redefine the future of
mission-critical computing with a development roadmap which will unify
UNIX® and x86 server architectures to bring industry-leading
availability, increased performance and uncompromising client choice to
a single platform.

Why HP?

Project Odyssey will revolutionize mission-critical computing with
uncompromising choice and investment protection. For more than 25 years,
HP has powered the most demanding workloads by building a robust and
proven franchise of technology and service innovations for
mission-critical computing. By fortifying Linux and Windows with HP
intellectual property, HP will unify UNIX and x86 server architectures
while delivering industry-leading availability, increased performance,
and flexibility for our customers.

From the press release at:

The roadmap also includes delivering blades with Intel® Xeon® processors
for the HP Superdome 2 enclosure (code name “DragonHawk”) and the
scalable c-Class blade enclosures (code named “HydraLynx”), while
fortifying Windows® and Linux environments with innovations from HP-UX
within the next two years.

This does not formally announce the end of HP-UX/NSK/VMS. BUT... In the
"review the roadmap" there is mention of VMS: 8.4 update in 2011, and
"8.x in the future" That's it.

In other words, while HP is developing the future based on Windows and
Linux, it will continue to upgrade HP-UX while porting HPUIX tech to
Linux. Exactly what I thought HP would end up doing.

No mention of porting VMS tech to Linux.

And BTW, Martin Fink is still Senior VP and GM of "Business Critical

Geez, PDP projects were named after planets. VAX projects were named
after stars. With "Project Odyssey" I am visualizing a black monolith
(with dimensions of 1x4x9) appearing whenever the planets are in
alignment :-)