Re: HP stopping VMS paper documentation ?

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On 12/05/11 19:10, JF Mezei wrote:

And by taxing at the source, it is a lot simpler than taxing everything
at retail.

(and yes, this also means taxing oil and coal imports).

Yes, it would be simpler and cost less to collect, but there would be
less tax revenue since the raw material often has a lot of added value
by the time it reaches the consumer.

I don't think the us has vat and everyone hates it where it's used, but
does have the advantage that the tax is directly related to the the
value of the goods at final sale...

Yes, the key to VAT is understanding the Value Added part of the acronym.

But just as with factory gate taxes, VAT encourages businesses to leave
goods at the supplier for as long as possible, hence the popularity of
Just In Time delivery systems.

Paul Sture

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