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Lots of ranting, lots of links, still no industry knowledge.

Here is an article about the ebook pricing investigations:
(note who is being investigated)


Oh, this is simply an Amazon class action suit attempting to enslave
authors and indie publishers alike. Obviously you didn't actually
READ that article.

The principal allegation is that Apple and the publishers then
colluded to force Amazon to accept the agency model, and if Amazon
refused, since the agency model would prevent discounting, then the
publishers would deny Amazon access to its titles.

The publishers didn't "collude", they entered agency model agreements
(the traditional book selling agreement) WITH EVERY OTHER VENDOR.
Amazon chose to give away their product. What Amazon did by setting
the price of most ebooks at $9.99 or less was and is a direct criminal
violation of both business and labor law.

To put it in perspective, this is the exact same crime committed by
Indian consulting companies here in the U.S. who sign up workers on a
W-2 hourly basis and DEMAND they work 90 hours per week while never
billing for more than 40. Walmart has been found guilty of this crime
many many times as well.

Publishers do not have to sell their products via Amazon. Period.
They can choose to sell to anyone who gives them a fair shake. Amazon
eventually had to kow-tow to this.

What Amazon did was illegal and it forced publishers to pulp millions
of dollars in inventory which would have otherwise sold.

Amazon is also currently engaged in what any IT worker would call
piracy via their Kindle loan program. Do you have to lend your entire
Kindle to someone so they can read a book you bought? Noooooo.
Amazon will let you give them the file as long as they have a Kindle
of their own and publishers aren't allowed to opt out if their book is
above a price determined by Amazon.

Gee...that means all of those kids in prison for music piracy never
committed a crime because everyone they made CD's for had a CD

Hmmm...I wonder what Microsoft will say when Amazon starts "lending"