Re: What's VMS up to these days?

Jan-Erik Soderholm <jan-erik.soderholm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A. W. Dunstan wrote 2012-02-01 19:30:
Just curious...
Does anyone do any development of software to run on it?

I do. COBOL and Rdb.
B.t.w, Sweden has a few large VMS users. Swedish users regulary
sends aprox 20 attendents to the OpenVMS Bootcamp. About the
same number as the rest of Europe together... :-) Jan-Erik.

Also just curious... what would you say explains Swedish VMS
usage? As Arne mentioned, US managers have all migrated long
ago, unless impractical. So I suppose there's some different
kind of managerial/business-analysis thinking in Sweden that
keeps VMS a viable platform. Could you elaborate about that?
I'd be interested in any reasonable (not religious/strident)
arguments to keep it going. Thanks,
John Forkosh ( mailto: j@xxxxx where j=john and f=forkosh )