Re: OT: ?SciFi?Humor? VMS and the HP Converged Infrastructure?

VMS and One Company! Two Companies! Three?

Minimally, I need the power trio (A/R, A/P, G/L) to be standalone modules (for
better security) that also have the ability to integrate with other modules. I
use default systems that are designed to get them up and running quickly. I can
use additional or custom systems to add fancy/specific bits later. Additional
layers can be added or customized later.
<snip other distracting needs>


A basic new company setup:
I am restricted to OpenVMS but you can use the server/OS of your choice.

Disrupt the newly purchased company as little as possible.

VPN immediately (or soon thereafter).
Client and vendor lists (use autoloaders).
Chart of accounts and the 3 trial balances (use autoloaders).
User and share management (DCL?.
An easy way to set up a new company on a server (DCL?).
Set up additional required security (it is never enough).
Additional user interface software?
Some training plus explaining why spreadsheets don't matter (as much).
Plus diddly bits.
<additional discussion and details can go here>


Assume the basic business environment, the banking and taxes, etc, can be easily
modified to suit the new company based on what is required to be legal (If
Canadian based, Canadian laws and regulations, etc). Bankers, accountants and
auditors can help with the initial pre-design of these subsystems. Going
International can be a shareable image swapout away (after the legal bits and
stuff are cleared of course)!

Assume that the new company already has a working(?) system that the staff
already know (and love/hate). So keep it. Or phase it out slowly. Or whatever.
Often, throwing the PC app vendor some business by having the app send out a
specific report to (usually a share) is an easy way to get data for a hungry
OpenVMS server and save someone a bunch of typing. Saving someone useless work
is an easy way to win hearts and minds.

Moving only the head office functions out of the new company (through a site to
site VPN if necessary) causes only a minor disruption to either the staff (some
training usually) or their customers (why would they have to know anything
changed?). Restricting internet access (or not) is a customer choice, not ours.

Often they keep all of their own junk during the change over, maybe adding only
a few new pieces of kit. Over time we swap it out for business class gear.

Keep It Simple Solutions
(simple for the customer that is :-)

Notes: Don't be scared of logicals, shareable images, install or the linker (or
a bunch of other well documented OpenVMS things). Use them! Who cares if it
doesn't migrate well to other platforms? That could be just one of those rumours
anyway. Actually, if you want to sell OpenVMS, why do you even care of all those
other non-native things anyway?
jk ... I see lots of reasons to be able to mimic and not be the others :-) ...

Remember ... I am trying to collaborate, not compete. I just want to work with
anything that a customer already uses. (or maybe I'm just being stubborn because
I don't want to learn another exciting way to do something I feel I already know
how to do so boringly well :-).

I don't know how the other platforms solve these types of problems and I'm not
suggesting that anything I write about OpenVMS is actually a good idea. But I
can hope that others (including and especially HP) may think OpenVMS is already
a solid platform that could be actively developed!

Even though I find the recent announcements and developments around the
relationship between HP and OpenVMS to be very positive sounding, I think the
Itanium EOL story does sound troubling. I wonder if OpenVMS, if given the
chance, could help out with the future of Itanium?

I am done for now (hopefully for another long while).

Maybe I should just go back to wondering what happened to the snow this winter?
So how is the weather in your area?