Re: %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO after fresh VMS installation

On 7-2-2012 20:29, John Wallace wrote:
But we have already eliminated all the *likely* causes, have we not?

I guess so...

I still would like to see the memory tested with a proper memory
diagnostic. It is easy to do if you have an x86 box that will take the
memory in question, and it is FAR more definitive than "I put the
suspect memory in a different system with a different config and the
symptoms did not follow the memory".

Well, I don't have an x86 box that will accept the memory. But, that
won't be necessary (see below).

Or am I missing something? E.g. if you put some "known good" memory
in the questionable DS10, does the problem still appear, in which case
the memory is no longer a potential suspect, the problem likely lies
elsewhere? If you have already told us this, my apologies, but I
already know my memory has multiple faults :)

That's correct, I did (several times).

- MG