Re: DSSI to BA353 possible?

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Back around March 16, 2008, I posted re using DSSI with a BA23
configuration (KA650, MS650 16mb ram, VCB02, KFQSA). Fellow posters
Uusimäki, tomarsin2015, and ChrisKalisiak followed up with helpful

I believe I've finally worked out how to do this, and will post on
it later when successful.

Related to Uusimäki's suggestion to use SCSI drives and an HSD05
SCSI/DSSI bridge, I have a question. If I only want 1 or 2 drives,
is it possible to use a BA353 enclosure with this configuration?

slot 1: HSD05
slot 2: RZ28M-VA
slot 3: RZ28N-VA

I know the BA350 can be set up this way, but wasn't sure about the
smaller BA353 as it wasn't intended to be used this way (from what I
can tell from manual).

Thanks very for any help that can be offered.

This will work. I tested exactly this configuration some years ago. I
also had a 4mm tape drive connected externally and that worked too. It
wouldn't have been a supported configuration, but who cares now?

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