Re: HP-UX rlogin problem

Max <maxime.alarie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think i have
everything setup correctly in my /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.equiv files.

You probably mean ~/.rhosts, not /etc/hosts.

But it does not work.

Define "does not work". I.e. what (exactly) do you do, what do you
expect to happen and what does happen (i.e. (error) message)? This may
sound like asking for the obvious, but believe me, two decades of
experience says it's not.

Other than that missing information: A common error is that the
..rhosts file (on the target/server system) is not owned by the user in
whose home directory it is. In other words: (In your case on host2) file
~franks/.rhosts *must* be owned by user franks.

Also, first start with ~/.rhosts, because that is simpler to get
right. When that works, you might try to incorporate the information
into the system-wide /etc/hosts.equiv.