Re: Xbox 2 is an IBM & SGI supercomputer

From: xTenn (
Date: 02/10/04

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    Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 06:57:59 -0500

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    > Andrew <spamtrap@localhost> wrote in message
    > > On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 17:30:26 GMT, "mosys" <>
    > > wrote:
    > > The hype surounding the PS2 said that would be a "supercomputer". That
    > > was as much BS as this is.
    > NO technically it was a super computer then as far as the law was
    > concerned and that could've caused problems for Sony had said
    > regulations not been updated.

    Get Real. If that was the case then every NVidia and ATI graphics card
    available at the time (2000) would have been a supercomputer. You are
    propagating more of the Sony propaganda machine bs. There are SOOOOO many
    reasons why a single PS2 game console would not be considered one, common
    sense not the least thereof.

    There has been an attempt (at NCSA at that) to create what would qualify a
    supercomputer from PS2 shells, but it takes 70 (yes, 70) consoles to
    qualify. For the record, it takes less PCs to reach the same threshold.
    The major reason the PS2 was used is because of the Linux kit (which
    thankfully allows access to the vector units) and cheap hardware, NOT
    because of extremely powerful hardware.

    There are quite a few good resources on the web about super computing, not
    the worse of which is from the projects here at the University of Tennessee
    and Oak Ridge National Laboratories - but then you are probably not familar
    with BLAS or LAPACK, are you? At least check out the LINPACK tests on
    common computing hardware to become familiar with how things really rank
    from a simplistic linear equation standpoint. Check out this PDF if the
    topic of performance interests you WITHOUT the hype:

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