Re: Sol 9 ISOs

From: Evgeni Vachkov (
Date: 12/27/03

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    Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 16:26:51 -0000

    Ermm... I'll try to clarify this one.
    The laser on the CDR-Drive is either ON or OFF when burning. It also has
    some power rating. To "melt" a digit in the CDR coating it must be present
    in the particular ara for some time. The higher the speed, the less time the
    laser is melting the coating, the less readable the digit.
    By increasing the speed, you are decreasing the signal to noise ratio (SNR)
    of the CD.
    (Its like changing your printer's setting from "high quality" to "draft")

    Old CD drives are less sensitive or with other words require higher SNR.
    Therefore, if you want to read CDs with older drives, burn at lower speed.
    (same with printing: "dont give your grannie a "draft" printout. She cant
    read it coz its too faint.)

    Get some decent burning software from the shop or from kazaa or edonkey.
    I prefer Nero Burning Rom.

    Evgeni Vachkov

    "serg" <serg@the.plaza> wrote in message
    > In article <bscluv$uos$>,
    > says...
    > > serg <serg@plus.two> writes in comp.sys.sun.admin:
    > > |(I tried to use these on a Sun Blade 100, by the way. I hope it's not
    > > |something stupid, like Sol 9 12/03 is "too new" for that hardware.)
    > >
    > > Nope. S9 12/03 supports the SB100 and much much older machines, like
    > > the Sparc 10, first released in 1992.
    > I was going to try to burn the CDs again with a much slower speed
    > setting, but I can't try any speed slower than 40X. I guess I don't
    > have a variable speed CD burner. Drat.
    > But honestly, I don't see why the burn speed matters. A disk burned at
    > 1X should be exactly the same as a disk burned at 40X. It makes no
    > sense that there would be a different result.

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