How to "mget" files in multiple subdirectories?

Hello, Everyone:

I am using a Sun Ultra 10 machine, and I want to "get" or "mget" some
files from a server through FTP.

The files I need to get are saved in dozens of different directories of
3-letter names, and I can "cd" into each of these directories and "mget
???????.dat.gz", and this works. But the problem is that this would
take me many hours and maybe even a few days.

Under the main directory, I can "ls ???/???????.dat.gz" and see all the
files listed (e.g., abc/abc0106.dat.gz), but when I try "mget
???/???????.dat.gz", I get the information

abc/abc0106.dat.gz: No such file or directory
abc/abc0206.dat.gz: No such file or directory
abc/abc0306.dat.gz: No such file or directory

even though all the files are apparently there.

The question is therefore: What is the single command that I can issue
in the main directory to "get" all the files in each of the

Thanks for reading and replying.