w2100z suppl-2.2 flash hung; system now totally dead

From: user (user_at_example.net)
Date: 10/30/05

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:54:50 -0400

Hi folks,

The sad story is... downloaded the new supplemental 2.2 for the w2100z
and burned to cd-rom. Booted CD and select option 2 to perform bios
upgrade. Wanted to resolve rear fan occasional pulsating issue.

During the upgrade the w2100z hangs while programming (or maybe
verifying) a flash block.

Not much choice at this point other than to power off and on. Now the
system won't boot. The fans spin up to full speed, along with disk drive
and cd-rom initialization, but the power switch and logo never lights,
no video, and no keyboard lights.

I did notice after the fact that the phlash16 utility for the new BIOS
r01b4s3 is version 1.3 build 41. Where as phlash16 for the earlier BIOS
was version Can this be the culprit? There were no other known
prior hardware issue, other than the pulsating fan.

Any advise would be helpful at this point...Thanks..