Re: Disk Encryption for Solaris 9

Yes, you can have as many served OSs as you have disk space for.

I'm not aware of any whole-disk encryption products for Solaris though.
The Encryption 10 encryption kit doesn't do it as far as I can tell.

I'm surprised at that since theres a market for laptops with encrypted

There was talk of having encryption support for zfs file systems and
support through lofi, both in OpenSolaris rather than Solaris 10. I'm
not sure how far these initiatives have got, but I guess that the kind
of customers you have who are mandating Solaris 10 will not be happy
with something as uncommercial as OpenSolaris.

I guess you could have a Windows or Linux system with encrypted file
system such as pointsec, safeboot or dm-crypt and run your jumpstart
server as a host under VMware, but it's rather messy to say the least.

Although thinking about it - I dont suppose theres any reason why you
cant replace the disk in a laptop with a flagstone disk and install
Solaris on this?

From what I understand, a Flagstone disk is encrypted and asks the
user for a password before any OS gets involved at all....