Re: Proper way to shut down a Sunblade 150 if not super user?

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Paul Gress <pgress@xxxxxx> wrote:
Barry OGrady wrote:
What is the proper way to shut down a Sunblade 150 if logged
on as an ordinary user?
I was thinking of using sudo from a shortcut on the desktop.
Could that work?
There must be a standard procedure though.

Home page

This is what I do.

/opt/csw/bin/sudo /sbin/init 5

Also, if I recall correctly, on my Blade 100 (when I used it), if you
double click the power button it initiates a powerdown.


setting a correct path would make this command far easier.

ln -s is your friend. Sudo as most admins know it is not
standard equipment after Solaris 9 or so. Some of the
aftermarket sudo's install in /usr/local/bin.

Ctalk Home Page:

spiff:/etc/opt/SUNWut (220)> which sudo

spiff:/etc/opt/SUNWut (221)> pkgchk -l -p /usr/bin/sudo
Pathname: /usr/bin/sudo
Type: regular file
Expected mode: 4511
Expected owner: root
Expected group: bin
Expected file size (bytes): 181792
Expected sum(1) of contents: 2495
Expected last modification: Jan 23 05:02:24 2009
Referenced by the following packages:
Current status: installed

spiff:/etc/opt/SUNWut (222)> uname -a
SunOS spiff 5.11 snv_107 i86pc i386 i86pc

spiff:/etc/opt/SUNWut (223)> pkginfo -l SUNWsudou
NAME: sudo (usr)
CATEGORY: system
ARCH: i386
VERSION: 11.11.0,REV=2009.
VENDOR: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
DESC: sudo (usr)
PSTAMP: sfwnv-x20090121055858
INSTDATE: jan 30 2009 21:25
HOTLINE: Please contact your local service provider
STATUS: completely installed
FILES: 23 installed pathnames
11 shared pathnames
1 linked files
11 directories
4 executables
1 setuid/setgid executables
880 blocks used (approx)

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