Re: more trouble with Sun Blade 1000

glennklockwood schrieb:
Hi again.

I've been having a peculiar problem with my Sun Blade 1000, which I
just upgraded to dual 900MHz US-III Cu processors. The system worked
fine for a few days, but today I found that when I pressed the power
button, it powered on for two to three seconds (fans start, front
lights up), then it shut off. There isn't enough time for anything to
come across the serial console, and subsequent attempts to power on
result in the same thing happening. I was finally able to get the
system to power on and boot, but almost immediately I got a thermal
shutdown notice (citing a temperature of 127--both fans were working

I should point out that my other Blade 1000 showed very similar power-
on difficulties with its dual 750MHz processors. I finally got fed up
with having to hit the power button several times before it would stay
on, and I swapped the HDs and memory from that machine to this current
one which also started with dual 750's. This power-on problem only
started happening again after the upgrade to 900's. With the older
machine, though, I never got thermal warnings after finally powering
on; in fact, if I could actually get it to boot, it would stay up for
days without any problems.

I've seen this sort of behavior (machine will power everything for a
few seconds before shutting down) in an x86 machine that had a faulty
motherboard, but this is now happening in two separate motherboards so
I am skeptical that this is the case here. I found that unplugging
the DVD and disks did not help anyway, so the problem must lie with
the CPUs, motherboard, memory, or power supply.

Does anyone have any ideas? I was hoping that the power-on issues I
was having with my first Blade 1000 would be fixed by moving the ram/
disks to this new one, but now they've cropped up again and I don't
know what component would be at fault here.

Thanks much

glenn k. lockwood
Blade 1000/2000 CPU modules are very sensitive. Have you used the provided tool to attach them? In my experience your kind of problems is
caused by badly fixed CPUs. You should try to remove them and insert them again (one by one).