Re: Mouse/keyboard for Ultra 10

On 2009-07-11, Wes Groleau <groleau+news@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If I decide to buy a keyboard/mouse for an ultra 10, are there any
incompatible? eBay has all types for all prices.

Yes -- you want to avoid the ones with USB connectors (some of
the newer keyboards), so you want a Sun keyboard with a DIN connector
instead (the mouse plugs into the keyboard on those).

And depending on what you are used to, you may want a
programming type keyboard (Control key to the left of 'A'), or a Word
Processing keyboard (similar to what Windows boxes have except no Windows
key and the connectors are different) which has the Control to the left
of the left ALT key, and the space to the left of 'A' usurped by the
"Caps-Lock" key, which I would rather were not on any computer keyboard. :-)

Right now I'm just borrowing a keyboard (no mouse) just for setup
and was thinking after setup I'd just manage it by X11 and rlogin.

Hmm ... for diagnostics, you either need the keyboard and
monitor, or a serial terminal connected to the TTY-A serial port.

But setup is a pain without the mouse.

I've done full installs remotely without a mouse. Not that bad
for me. Just a serial cable between the system being installed and a
nearby one which I can net connect to from my chairside computer.

A Sun Type-5 or earlier keyboard (3 or 4) should work fine.
That is what I have connected to my two Ultra-10 machines. Some Type-6
keyboards are DIN connector and some are USB. Only the DIN ones will
accept the mouse plugged into the keyboard.

I believe the Type-7 has a USB hub built into the keyboard so
the mouse can go there too -- but I don't have one of those. For typing
in my lap, I like the Type-6 keyboards with the clip-on skirt to provide
a handrest beyond the spacebar. The earlier keyboards will need a
support under the keyboard and a soft raiser for the heels of the hands
to rest on.


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