Re: Leakage current in SF 280R

Thanks Don and Dave for your helpful comments. You have both confirmed
what I both expected and hoped to hear. Namely, that ground leakage of the
order of a few mA is expected for these machines, nad that it is not a wise
idea to have the power circuit trip on this basis for a server.

I have no other reason to suspect faults on this machine, so I shall put an
alternative power block in place. I had intended to keep track of power
consumption, but since this is pretty stable over most normal loads I can
just measure it once and assume it remains the same over time. Can't see
that being a problem for the tax department.

And to answer your specific question, Don, the term often used in the UK
for ground fault interrupter is residual current detector, or RCD.

Dr Tristram J. Scott
Energy Consultant