Re: 400Mhz Processor Support in SPARCstation 20

On 2009-07-23, Bart <sbarton@xxxxxxx> wrote:

"The SPARCstation 20 system can now support a 400-MHz CPU if the
motherboard is
part number 501-3132-13 or higher."

That is a strange document, as half the time it appears to be
referring to the Ultra-2 machines instead of the SS-20 -- including the
description of installing and removing a creator-3D UPA interface

The Ultra-2 has only Sbus and Mbus slots (the latter for the
CPUs), and no UPA slots.

And the board number above shows as an Ultra-2 in the FEH. It
has one UPA slot for the framebuffer, four Sbus slots, and two
(different) UPA slots for the CPUs.

So -- it seems that someone got confused, or someone uploaded a
merged (doctored) document to their site as a joke.


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