Re: SB 2000 or SB 2500: Which would you buy?

On 2009-09-16, Dave <foo@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Nemo ad Nusquam wrote:
SB 2000 and SB 2500 are available on ebay at PC prices. I am going to buy
one. Specs aside, which one would gentle readers choose?

Thank you.

I noticed on eBay the other day someone selling a Silver Blade 2500
rather than a red one. They implied this was a newer model. I know there
are two colours, but are unsure of the difference between them.

Hmm ... visit the FEH at the Australian site:


and navigate around until you find the man pages for the two systems.
Routing is going in a loop for me right now, so I can't post links to the
specific pages, but hopefully by the time you try this, the routing will
be fixed.

IIRC, the primary difference is that the later version comes
with faster CPUs, but I may be mis-remembering, since I don't have any
of these beyond the SB-2K.

I have a Blade 2000 which I really liked, but it was damaged recently by
lightning. I am in fact going to replace it by an x86 box.

As far as I can ascertain, there is no electrical difference between a
blade 1000 and a 2000. The motherboards are the same.

There are several system boards some of which overlap between
the two systems, and the primary difference in these is the version of
the SCHIZO modules -- and I don't really know what difference these make
anyway. :-)

As others have said, FC-AL disks are somewhat rarer than SCA. Whilst my
machine has a pair of 147 GB disks, I can't pick them up and put them in
any other machine, or in any external enclosure I own.

There are various external boxes for multiple FC-AL drives. EMC
makes them, I'm using a set of Eurologic ones which I particularly like
Sun makes some -- and I *think* that there is even a FC-AL version of the

Or -- you could get a spare drive cage for a SB-[12]000, dig
though the foam rubber on the back of the backplane, and jumper one of
the ID wires high which is currently low to make the drive addresses no
longer conflict with the ones which are internal (1&2 for the SB-[12]Km
0&1 for the Sun Fire 280R. Also -- the Sun Fire 280R cage only will
accept 1" high drives, not 1.6" ones. You can get 146 GB 1" FC-AL
drives, and I have two in one of my SF-280R machines.

I'm not sure how many traces you'll need to cut to make this
jumpering possible.

Good Luck,

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