crontab P4 issue


I have a shell script which runs p4 describe and gives me a series of
change lists. This script works fine when I'm logged into directly.
However, when I try and schedule a job to run the script via cron, it
tells me that my user id doesn't have p4 access. I've researched to
no end and I realize that cron jobs kick off as root but then run as
the user. I tend to think this is correct because it correctly
identifies my user id as the one attempting to run the p4 command.
Any idea what I'm missing?

Here's the error...
Access for user 'myuserid' has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'.

Here's my crontab entry...
* * * * * /home/myuserid/

Here's the contents of
/path/to/my/p4 changes