Re: DLPAR commands

From: hdkutz (
Date: 08/05/03

Date: 5 Aug 2003 05:02:24 -0700

"News Reader" <NewsReader@nowhere1else.con> wrote in message news:<YUbXa.15767$>...
> I've been looking at all the documentation I can find, and this seems to
> elude me. I have a
> scripted that starts with cfgmgr, to ensure the drawer with the tape
> drive is available, then
> performs a mksysb of the lpar. Afterwards, it issues the commands to
> drop the drawer
> so it can be moved to the next lpar. This is where I am stuck. I need
> to ssh over to the
> HMC and issue a command to actually move the drawer to the next lpar,
> and can't find
> what commands to issue to do this. I have the ssh part set up, just
> don't know the commands
> to move the drawer. Has anyone out there done this and know the correct
> commands, or
> know where they are documented?
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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