Re: Problem with syslog and perl

From: Nicholas Dronen (
Date: 09/16/03

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    Date: 15 Sep 2003 23:14:48 GMT

    Andreas Gaffke <> wrote:
    AG> Hi all,

    AG> I'm pondering on a strange problem using the Sys::Syslog module with Perl
    AG> 5.6.1 on AIX 4.3.3:

    AG> on our development system everything works fine, all log messages from perl
    AG> appear where I expect them.
    AG> On our testing and production machines (both HACMP clustered machines), no
    AG> log mesages at all are written. I've already checked the syslog.conf file,
    AG> but didn't find anything. The 'logger' command works fine on all systems.
    AG> I've even tried running syslogd in debugging mode but it shows no reaction
    AG> when trying to write messages from perl.

    AG> Has anyone run across such a problem? I think it has something to do with
    AG> the HACMP environment (this is the only difference between our development
    AG> machine and the others...)

    AG> Any help is gladly appreciated!

    Are you invoking Sys::Syslog's setlogsock? If not, according to
    the perldoc, the module will try to connect to syslogd with these
    protocols, in this order: tcp, udp, unix, stream, console.

    TCP will probably fail. UDP might succeed, perhaps depending on
    your configuration. The UNIX socket should succeed, unless the
    mode of the socket in /dev or whever AIX keeps it is too restrictive
    for the uid under which your perl process runs. Be sure to check
    the mode of that file.



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