Re: Unix PIDS on AIX

From: Tao Chen (
Date: 01/21/04

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    Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 04:38:56 GMT

    Dan Foster wrote:

    > You don't need to have it as array[pid]; it would be far more memory
    > efficient to maintain it as a singly or doubly-linked list, which isn't
    > hard or slow to traverse, especially if structured via binary tree insert,
    > traversal, or delete functions.
    > -Dan

    Indeed. Sounds like the orignal design (assuming 30,000 at most, and
    using fix-sized arrary) is bad.

       Vince Clarke wrote:
    > The question I have is can the AIX kernel be configured so that it
    > will generate pids only in the range 1 to 30000 and therefore function
    > in a similar way to most other Unix systems. I have aked a number of
    > people about this even some from IBM and have not yet had a
    > satisfactory answer. I'm hoping someone here can provide a definitive
    > answer.

    The answer is no.

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