Re: Can I get a system dump when the system is hanging

From: mark taylor (
Date: 01/30/04

Date: 30 Jan 2004 03:41:49 -0800

> particular make sure sysdumpdev -L (iirc) shows "Always allow dump"

Sorry to correct your post Nick :( its lower case "l"

# sysdumpdev -l
primary /dev/lvdump
secondary /dev/sysdumpnull
copy directory /var/adm/ras
forced copy flag TRUE
always allow dump TRUE
dump compression OFF

To turn it on use sysdumpdev -K

-K The reset button or the dump key sequences will force a dump with the key in
the normal position, or on a machine without a key mode switch.

    Note: On a machine without a key mode switch, a dump can not be forced with
    the reset button nor the key switch without this value set.